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Welcome at Masy Dressage.


Masy Dressage is a trustworthy dressage schooling and training stable on the yards of ‘t Hof Masy.

Located in Belgium “Park Midden Limburg” near the Dutch and German border.

Thomas Goedemé runs Masy Dressage and is responsible for the daily management in all aspects of equestrian dressagesports. He runs the yard with his daily passion for dressage horses.

Introducing Thomas…

Born on Sept 5th 1994.  As a kid I was extremely attracted to horses. I started at the age of 8 as a pony rider. At a very early stage it was nice to see that  competition gave me an extra drive.  At the local Belgian sport federation I assembled very nice jumping and dressage results and honor medals. Very soon it became obvious that my dressage skills were above average and this became my passion.   With this mindset I traveled true Europe and USA Wellington.

Advanced Rider, Instructor& Trainer

I graduated in 2014 specialization title: Stable manager – Advanced Rider. & Instructor

BLOSO – VTS (Flemish Trainer School)


  • Instructor B discipline dressage
  • Instructor B discipline jumping
  • Certificate Trainer B discipline dressage
  • Certificate Trainer A discipline dressage

As advanced rider I have arena and show experience up to PSG and Inter I.

I have good communication skills, I have a critical opinion and I am empathic which gives me the advantage to be a good coach, trainer with insights or judgments for capabilities of horses.

Dressage | Lessons | Stages | Training | Shows | Coaching


Thomas learned lots of skils at stables and dressage GP masters.

Remy Bastings – Netherlands

Riding and training under supervision.

Jeroen Devroe Dressage

Riding and training under supervision of Jeroen Devroe on various international sport horses (level JR / YR / PSG)

Jochen Arl

Riding and training under supervision various international sport horses (level JR / YR / PSG)

Show riding of his training horses at CDI*** 2014 in Saumur & Compiègne

Vicky Thompson – Oldencraig Equestrian Centre – Lingfield Surrey – UK

Advanced rider and instructor

training with Vicky Thompson, Olympic rider, training various dressage sporthorses (level JR / YR / PSG / Inter / GP) including my own dressage horse level PSG / Inter I

Jeannette Haazen

Trainer & coaching, deploying and upgrade my dressage skills

Masy Dressage

Advanced rider and instructor, training of various dressage sporthorses and dressage riders (level JR / YR / PSG / Inter / GPU25)


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