A day at the yard at Masy Dressage

Daily routine.

7u30. Check stables and horses, give morning feed. We make sure previous nights feed has been eaten, check legs and see if there are healthy droppings. We attach importance to the horses being able to eat quietly at least an hour.

8u30. After they have eaten we start to muck out, change rugs depending on the temperature and get the first horses ready to go out in the paddocks.

9.30 am. Everything is neatly cleaned up, Thomas takes care of his first horse and goes into training.

9.30 am to 4.00 pm Horses are trained and schooled at their dressage level. This is a really busy time with everyone focused to get the horses finished on time. After work all the horses and bathed and groomed. In between we also have a snack and a drink.

4.00 pm. We clean the tack and do all the general yard duties.

5.00 pm. All the horses have a quick groom before night rugs are put on, we start the final tidy of the wash bays and tack room, skip out, sweep the yard, take the hay trolley round and finally evening feeds.

5.30 pm If necessary, arenas are levelled and paddocks are taking care of. We discuss our day and list all our to do’s for the next day.

6.00 pm Owners come to the yard for private lessons with their individual horse.

10.00 pm Late night check, see that the horses are all comfortable and well. Lights out…


Weekly Routine

All the horses are worked as above.

Thursday and Saturday mornings horses are hacked for an hour.

Sunday is Competition day or horses day off.