Dressage Stable

Dressage riders (both basic and advanced) receive individual training courses at their proper level.

We mainly focus on the basics of equestrian dressage sport, namely riding your horse according to our vision.

Masy Dressages goal is to aim at the highest possible quality in the full training range, both for rider and horse. We call it Quality Dressage Horsemanship or “Q-level”.

This includes a clear vision about training and training sport horses and competition riders and starts from the level, the objective and the individual motivation of the rider with his horse.

A Quality training has 4 basic components;

A Quality Training ensures that you and your horse become a Quality Team so that you can grow in confidence, which benefits in putting on a Quality Performance on competition level so you experience Quality Time.

Once this circle is complete, a rider-horse combination can move to the next level of training.

Quality Training can start at any age and competing level of your sporthorse.

Testimonials to this Q training method are Kirsten Prevot, Lani Elsen, Manou Mommen, Naomi Nouwen, … They achieved excellent dressage show results !!!

Kirsten Prevot elementery and medium level – selected to the VLP Demo Team, 2nd in the Cup of Limburg, 2nd in the Youngsters Cup, 1st in the Interclub Championship Limburg, and last but not least Champion of Limburg overall!

Lani Elsen, pony rider, elementery level – 1st in the Cup of Limburg, 1st in the Youngsters Cup 1st at the Inter Prov Championship and granted by Annick De Spiegeleer for the VLP Demo Team!

Manou Mommen, novice level – 3rd Cup of Limburg and 3rd Championship of Limburg overall!

Naomi Nouwen, medium and advanced level Gold in the Cup of Limburg, Silver at the IPK, and 3rd overall Championship of Limburg Belgium

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Masy Dressage, a training area with passie for dressage.

What do we offer …

• Dressage coaching and lessons for competition riders.

• Dressage Clinics.

• Training, schooling & mastering of dressage horses up to level PSG / Inter I / GP U25
• Your qualified trainer and coach is Thomas Advanced rider and Instructor.
• Advice in selling or purchasing dressage horses.
• We compete your horses at the show arenas.
• Quality of livery.
• Bed & Breakfast facilities for customers for longer stay.
• Individual arrangements to be discused.

Youngsters in training

We can offer ideal training opportunities for young horses both in the arena as well as on our joint nature area of 800 hectares.

Walking, trotting and canter on unpaved and sandy soils contribute particularly to the healthy development of muscles and tendons.