Talented Dressage Horses for Sale

Masy Dressage is trustworthy to be your partner in purchase or selling dressage horses.

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    • Thomas Goedemé

    • Level Grand Prix

    • VL Trainer School: Mastering Trainer A & Trainer B

    • Working experiences in Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Germany, USA
    • Phone: +32 473 233 077

    • Mail: mail@masydressage.com

Talented dressage horses for sale

Buying or selling a horse at Masy Dressage is a matter of discretion and trust.

Masy Dressage, Purchase and Sales Advice for excellent dressage horses

It’s good to have an experienced rider / advisor at your side such as Thomas. He is your partner in crime to make sure that:

  • We scout a horse that meets your requests
  • The level of training and rideability of the horse fits.
  • The horse and rider suit each other.
  • The horse fulfill the riding plans and your expectations.

We can be your partner for the whole day (8 hours) if you want.

  • Travel expenses are included in our price.
  • Accommodation for bookings of several days and additional travel expenses for any flights or train travel will be charged separately.
  • No liability is accepted for the recommendations.

Thomas can either accompany you throughout your tour, or come in just before you intend to buy the horse of your preferences.

Our location in Belgium is an ideal drop zone for scouting in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Masy Dressage will be pleased to get intouch with you and offer you our tailord made services.