Two days ago it was announced that Thomas Goedemé is leaving for Germany.

Thomas was invited by Arlette Jasper Kohl and Prof. Erwin Kohl (owners at Gestüt Peterhof) for a three-day try out at their magnificent domain in Perl (Saarland). Thomas was being closely watched by Mrs. A.J. Kohl, Patrik Kittel (Olympic Grand Prix Rider), Sacha Schulz (Grand prix participant W

EG) and trainer Ulrike Lautemann.

Gestüt Peterhof and Mrs. A.J. Kohl made Thomas a proposition that he naturally agreed upon.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that Gestüt Peterhof has been offering me. It’s certainly not going to be easy. Being employed in a team like this is quite a challenge. Precision and perfection are expected. The next years will cost a lot of sweat and tears, but that’s part of the job. If I want to grow as a dressage rider I need to work day and night, and show them I’m willing to go for it.

At Gestüt Peterhof, Thomas will be full-time dressage rider under guidance and supervision of Mrs A.J.Kohl, Patrik Kittel, Sascha Schulz and trainer Ulrike Lautemann.

Sezuan  Astonishing Horse ( Blue Horse Zack x Blue Horse Don Schufro )

Sezuan is very present. Seeing the ruling world champion at it’s finest work is not nothing. He’s a beautiful black horse. Never before have I seen a horse with both potential and talent. Sezuan really owns it all!  Gestüt Peterhof has some offspring running from their own Sezuan. And I have to say the talent is also very present.